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Consumers/homeowners/Real Estate Agents

Most lending institutions require that homes in California be inspected for wood destroying pests and organisms (WDO) before financing a home loan. If you would like to find out if a WDO inspection report is on file for a particular property, you may use the following Property Address Search to check the Structural Pest Control Board's records for any location in California to determine if a WDO inspection was completed within the last two years.

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Please Note: In order to receive the detailed "WDO Inspection and Completion Activity Report", you must complete a "Request for Copy of Inspection or Completion Reports" form. Please click here to view the request form and delivery options.

Pest Control Companies

Principal Registrations (PR's) and their Branch Offices (BRs) may now use the Internet to submit the address of each property inspected and/or upon which work was completed as legislatively mandated by Business and Professions Code Section 8516 (Senate Bill 1307, Chapter 983).

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Please Note: If you do not have a SPCB supplied User ID/Password, please submit an email request to WDO@dca.ca.gov